Narrow Aisel Flexi G4

Make Narrow Aisle

Model Flexi G4

Fuel Electric 48v

Year 2011

Capacity 2000kg

Mast Type Triple FFL

Lift Height 6600

Closed Height 3150

Hydraulic Services 3rd Hydraulics

Attachments Integral Sideshift

Extras Front Worklights, Beacon & Reverse Alarm


Additional Information

With Flexi being the premium brand on the articulated fork lift truck market this really is a fantastic truck. If reliability and down time really matter and the specification fits your application then this really is the truck for you. This truck will have all the items listed carried out below as it has been part of the C and D refurbishment programme. - Stripped and CleanedFull Service Defective Parts Replaced Battery Warranty Chain Certification (2 Year Certificate) Prepped and Painted Stickers Replaced Thorough Examination Certificate (1 Year) PDI including Final Wipeover - If you require anymore detail Please Call 01992 503463 or email: